Backup Generators

Everyone relies on electric power in their daily life. You need your sump pumps, fridge, furnace and lighting working when power goes out. An automatic standby backup system has following parts: standby generator and automatic transfer switch (ATS)
Generators sit outside of your house just like your A/C unit. They run either on a home’s existing LP or natural gas and automatically start working when the electric service is interrupted. (Manual transfer switches are available too but ATS is worth the convenience)
In case of power loss ATS will: disconnect the utility line and connect the generator to power up the essential circuits in your house.
It only takes seconds for generator to start up and restore power. No interaction from you is needed. ATS disconnects the generator and connects the utility power line once the power is restored.
Power outages are becoming more frequent. Don’t let severe weather catch you in a cold house, flood the basement or spoil all your food. 

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Modern systems are quiet and won’t disturb your family or neighbors. They can be set to automatically exercise themselves weekly. Not technical knowledge from you is required. Have us install a standby generator and forget about it. You’ll be reminded of it the next time you lose power. Your house and your family now has a back up plan in the case of a power loss.