Electric services, service changes and upgrades.

Many new construction and existing homes will at some point need an installation or modification of an overhead or underground electric service. These revisions or installations are proposed mainly by ComEd and ComEd’s contractors and can come at a hefty price. By having a competent electrical contractor perform the work instead of ComEd you can save yourself both time and money.

Underground Electric Services

Many customers who have overhead electric services or need a new service installed will choose to install or relocate their wiring underground. This can be done a number of ways including trenching, directional boring, and plowing your service pipe in. No matter which way is most cost effective or desirable for you we can take care of your project. We have our own directional drilling crews that can quickly, safely, and cleanly install your new service and multiple different size trenchers to fit your needs. 

Overhead Electric Services

The most cost effective and basic of electric services is still the standard 200 amp overhead electric service. We can install your overhead meter fitting, riser, and the piping and wiring to the panel.

200 Amp Upgrade

Years ago the 100 and 60 amp electric services where very commonplace and suitable for the needs of older homes. Now with more electrical appliances being installed every day and with the growing size of homes in general you may require more power than these aging wires can deliver. If you are in need of an electrical service upgrade contact us for a free consultation. We can replace the existing meter fitting with a new 200 Amp meter fitting, install a new panel to replace the existing, and install the new piping and wiring to ComEd’s utilities.